minos-one live system

The current minos-one live DVD is built upon linuxfromscratch.org 7.9 and can be downloaded from my google drive. It is available for the x86_64 platform.

minos-one v2.0 - helix

Download full build helix

The full build helix fits on a blu-ray and includes all sources. It features mate desktop environment and many software development tools.

git clone https://gitlab.com/minos-one/helix

Burn the ISO image

You might want to use `cdrecord` to burn your ISO file like following:

cdrecord -v helix/minos-one/minos-one-v2.0-h3lix.iso

Or by using wodim:

wodim -v helix/minos-one/minos-one-v2.0-h3lix.iso