Getting started with minos-one live DVD

minos-one-v2.0-wmaker.iso is the live DVD we cover here. Note the different ISO images may differ from the set of applications used. We use this image because it is so far the only one containing GSequencer.

Note this live DVD doesn't support specify different DVD drive to be used. So make sure your media is in the first DVD drive /dev/sr0.

Specify kernel boot parameters from isolinux

As you hit TAB during isolinux prompt you get the following screen showing you kernel boot parameters. It is assumed that you have a intel graphics card using i915 driver. This might be wrong and can be edited.

.linux /casper/vmlinuz root=/dev/loop0 rootdelay=10 vga=791 noapic i915 intelfb.modeset=1 verbose initrd=/casper/initrd.lz

Here we have modified to use it a nvidia graphics card with nouveau driver. As above kernel modesetting is enabled.

.linux /casper/vmlinuz root=/dev/loop0 rootdelay=10 vga=791 noapic nouveau nouveaufb.modeset=1 verbose initrd=/casper/initrd.lz

Using WindowMaker to launch GSequencer

You can launch GSequencer either from WindowMaker's run command menu entry:

Or by launching from xterm:

Open drum sounds in GSequencer

Add an AgsDrum from menubar and open /usr/share/sounds/hydrogen/drumkits:

Open Soundfont2 in GSequencer

Add an AgsFFPlayer from menubar and open /usr/share/sounds/sf2: