minos-one.org is about computing resources and help in view of free/libre operating systems.

minos-one live system was first published on sourceforge.net in order to promote free musician tools available on GNU/Linux. It uses per default a real-time kernel running at a clock speed of 1000 Hz with applied RT patch.

It is rather informal or educational than intended for production. So is the website content to help you get started with GNU/Linux. Only prerequisite should be you know what a command line is. There you enter your commands ;)


This is me, the author of minos-one.org. My name is Joël Krähemann and I hack since 1997 in high-school. Later in college I developed a passion to math but I didn't complete the third year. 12 years later, I'm a Swiss ICT graduated as Informatiker EFZ in Frauenfeld at the BZT Thurgau.

First I started doing HTML 4.0 in its early days using Netscape Navigator. Soon I have discovered Java 1.2 an just did my first applications in 1999 on a Windows 98 machine. I have heard of Unix and Linux but it was hard to me to get started.

During my first year in college I met a hacker with strong knowledge about the C programming language. Soon, I have noticed how powerful this language was. Now I code a real-time capable audio sequencer called Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer.